Benefits To You

Why First Mutual

  • Non-Aligned – a non-institutionally aligned AFSL and ACL - not required to meet production 'budgets' for any product manufacturer.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance and excess – Professional Indemnity, and its associated Claims Excess, is managed by following prescribed processes or demonstrating own processes are appropriate, substantial and implemented. PI is subject to annual review as a result of advisor claims experience.
  • Flexible AFSL & ACL - A flexible supportive AFSL, with industry experienced staff to assist with all aspects of the AFSL and the Practitioner’s place in it.
  • AFSL and FOFA compliance - Successful and compliant processes, defined Client Opt In arrangements, and Fee Disclosure Statements (FDS), ongoing service agreements, etc.
  • Control - You retain control over your business: First Mutual looks after the support and infrastructure of the AFSL, so you can look after your business.
  • Expertise - Professionals qualified in the particular support area deliver each service
  • Competitive Fee Structure - Fees are competitive

A professional partnership that is focused on delivering services that enable you to grow into the future, by embracing:

  • Respect for the practitioner
  • Respect for the practitioner’s business
  • Respect for the practitioner’s clients

The best way to grow your business.