About Us

First Mutual will respect and support your business:

  • Delivering
    • as much flexibility as is possible and practical, enabling you to operate your business and achieve your goals
    • timely support for your SoA’s and other documentation
    • Responsiveness to your queries – ensuring you are heard
  • Paying on time
  • Giving access to the decision makers
  • Providing
    • Compliant documentation
    • Regular Morningstar research reports plus other industry news and webinars
    • Quarterly PD Days
    • Kaplan registration
    • Kaplan discounted fees for 2024 academic qualifications
    • An Adviser Portal, containing a library of industry information and research, informal client survey questionnaires, a central source for sample documents

Our network consists of practitioners who

  • are focused on their clients’ needs – even at their own cost,
  • commit to their future,
  • have appropriate regard for their licensee,
  • are happy to want to interact with their peers when it’s appropriate.

You benefit from easy access to quality, experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

The best way to grow your business.